Who We Are:

Dhakai is a premium B2B sourcing marketplace that connects apparel manufacturers directly to private labels and retailers, worldwide. We empower both brands and manufacturers, through our digital platform, by making sustainable sourcing more accessible and affordable to all.
Our team consists of industry veterans with years of experience in fashion design, sales, and production. We assist brands from idea to final product, and help suppliers connect with businesses that line up with their means of production. To make the best desired product possible, we help to pair our brands and manufacturers together. Our team is based in both the United States and on the ground in countries worldwide, ensuring that your product is carefully being managed during all steps in the supply chain. We ensure transparency and high quality production when you’re partnering with Dhakai.

Our Mission:

At Dhakai, we are solving one of the greatest obstacles in the supply chain: the lack of accessibility to sustainable and compliant manufacturing. The supply chain is full of intermediaries that make sourcing more complicated and expensive than it needs to be. We believe that sustainable and ethical sourcing should be accessible to all. That is why we are simplifying the process by directly connecting brands and global manufacturers through our innovative technological platform.
With Dhakai, our partners can source their products efficiently and effectively. Through our online application, buyers and manufacturers will receive seamless communication, maximized margins and ethical sourcing.
We are firm believers that your morals and values should reflect in your supply chain. Our digital platform makes it easy for our partnered brands and manufacturers to connect directly based on their shared mission. For the fashion industry to have a sustainable future, we need to take fashion back to its root.

Our Story:

Founded in 2020, Dhakai was created by our Founder and CEO, Russel Karim. Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Russel grew up closely tied to the garment industry. With Dhaka being the second largest apparel-exporter in the world, Russel witnessed firsthand the negative effects that the industry had on his family and friends. Following his adolescence, Russel moved to the USA, where he successfully built and exited two successful tech companies. His upbringing and tech experience inspired the creation of Dhakai, which integrates technology within the apparel process to revolutionize its current stagnation.
Dhakai currently partners with over 500 manufacturers and 100 brands worldwide. Each one of our partnerships is unique, and we tailor our expertise specifically to each of our brands and manufacturers. At Dhakai, we believe the apparel industry should be diverse and inclusive.
Our team is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Los Angeles, California, and Dhaka, Bangladesh and partners worldwide working within the factories. With Dhakai, someone is always on the ground making sure our brands’ products are taken care of during each step of the supply chain.
Dhakai Inc

Logo Story:

Our logo was created to emphasize the collaboration between brands and manufacturers into a unified square shape. The lime green represents our verified manufacturers, while the orange represents fashion brands, creatives, designers and other professionals in the fashion industry.
The center of our logo features a spool of thread, detailing the importance of creating the highest quality product for our clients. At Dhakai, we make sure each step of production runs smoothly, and aid in perfecting your finalized product.
Partners of Dhakai have the unique opportunity to easily connect with each other and be among the first to work together to change the future of sustainable and ethical apparel sourcing.

Platform Features:

Dhakai’s platform offers a unique set of features to help smooth your journey in creating apparel:

Free Signup For Our Brands and Manufacturers

That’s right. Signup at dhakai.com is entirely free. We encourage brands (fashion brands, creatives, designers and other professionals in the fashion industry) and manufacturers (suppliers) to create an account on our website, and enjoy the ease of connecting with each other.

Assistance in Creation and Design

At Dhakai, we assist our brands from idea to finalized product. We help create technical designs, 3D designs and develop your desired samples just the way you want them.

Access to a Wide Range of Brands and Manufacturers

Dhakai encourages the need for an inclusive and diverse apparel industry. We encourage brands and manufacturers of all sizes to reach out or sign up on our platform. Our pre-qualified manufacturers offer a wide range of apparel and products. Dhakai has proudly created sustainable, adaptive, and size-inclusive apparel for our brands.

A Seamless Product Life Cycle

Our technology offers an efficient process for every party involved. We simply take buyers’ sourcing needs and match them directly with manufacturers who fit their criteria.

A Robust Search Mechanism

Our unique search engine is designed to filter manufacturers quickly and easily. With various filter options to choose from, only factories that meet your specific product and quantity needs will be shown.

Request For Quotation

Our RFQ enables brands to submit their requirements and receive costing from hundreds of verified factories within our platform. This allows brands to choose the right manufacturing partners based on price, compliances, and quality of samples.

Transparency Within the Supply Chain

We pride ourselves on being transparent throughout the entire sourcing process. Since we are at the forefront of sourcing, we understand that customers are curious about where and how their products are made. To meet that demand, Dhakai screens all manufacturers listed through our online platform to ensure the highest standard of compliance for our buyers. However, you don’t just have to take our word for it. As you view manufacturers on our site, you will be able to watch virtual tours of their factories and analyze their sustainability data for yourself.