Our Code of Conduct

  • 1. No Child Labor
    If any person does not meet the minimum legal age requirement under applicable laws, that person shall not be employed. No person under the age of 15 years old shall be employed (or 14 years in the case that an exception is made by the governing law.)
  • 2. No Forced Labor
    All company members shall comply with laws and regulations having to do with the prohibition of forced labor and human trafficking. Involuntary labor of any kind is prohibited throughout the supply chain. All employees should understand their right to both enter into and terminate their employment as they wish.
  • 3. Sufficient Salary
    All employees should receive compensation that is at least the minimum legal salary or the local industry standard. This is decided by whichever one is higher. Employers should abide by this rule for any employees throughout the entire supply chain. Employees are also entitled to all benefits which are required by law. This includes compensation for overtime work and paid leave of absence. Employers should provide their workers with a wage statement once a month at minimum. This statement should include: time worked, earnings per day, hours of overtime and rate for overtime, allowances and bonuses, applicable deductions.
  • 4. Fair Working Hours
    Employers will comply with all laws, regulations, and industry standards regarding working hours, holiday leave, and annual leave throughout the entire supply chain. Unless under special circumstances, regular weekly working hours should not go beyond 48 hours. Overtime should then not go beyond 12 additional hours weekly. Employers are also required to give workers at least one day off weekly.
  • 5. No Harassment
    Employees are protected from physical or psychological harm of any kind. This includes threats, screaming, sexual harassment, and other verbal or physical abuse.
  • 6. No Discrimination
    All employees should be treated equally by their employer. Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited. This includes in employment, hiring, compensation, advancement, discipline, termination/retirement, etc. Discrimination having to do with race, color, nationality, social origin, gender, religion, disability, political opinion, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, membership in workers’ unions, and age is prohibited.
  • 7. Freedom of Association
    Employees are free to start or join organizations and associations of their choosing.
  • 8. Health and Safety
    Employers are required to cultivate a healthy and safe work environment complying with all applicable regulations. This includes sanitation, fire safety, risk protection, electrical safety, mechanical safety, and structural safety. Employers should then also comply with all laws regarding those previously mentioned things.
  • 9. No Discrimination
    All members should work to minimize any impacts on the environment especially when it comes to energy, water, air, soil, and materials.
  • 10. No Discrimination
    No Bribery and Corruption Any forms of bribery and/or extortion are strictly prohibited. This includes offering of improper payment to workers.


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