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We provide you with the data to make value based decisions for your unique supply- chain

Transparent Manufacturers

We provide complete transparency throughout the production process.

Factory Direct Pricing

We cut all middle-men to provide the best pricing directly from the manufacturer.

Save with Scale

We provide you with competitive prices across all suppliers.

Sourcing without Travel

We visits all our manufacturers to ensure the highest standard of compliance for our buyers.

Going through the Starter Package, I accomplished in 2 months what I have been trying to accomplish for years.

Dhakai is a timely concept that will impact and improve logistics in the apparel industry. I am excited to see what Dhakai team are able to do with the new venture and I believe they can grow it to be a game changer in the industry.

Dhakai is an innovative and needed start-up that connects US private labels and retail organizations directly to Southeast Asian apparel manufacturers. Many US apparel companies are seeking factories that practice ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices and Dhakai offers a needed service, particularly now as overseas travel and sourcing operating

Dhakai is bridging the gap between global private labels and brands to sustainable manufacturing in Asia. Their technology allows buyers to search, research, and request a quotation from a preferred manufacturing option based on reputation and value alignment.

Erica Cole
Erica Cole

Founder of No Limbits

Patrick Luensmann
Patrick Luensmann

Center for Business Growth and Innovation

Dr Annette Lynch
Dr Annette Lynch

Director, Textiles & Apparel Program, UNI

Scott Burak
Scott Burak



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